News 2021-03-22
Musculoskeletal tumor – Academic Exchange

Delay in diagnosis of rare diseases such as Bone and Soft Tissue sarcomas are common when an orthopedic specialist has not gained enough of relevant experiences from training. Once the tumor spread to other parts of the body due to late diagnosis, it will be a life-threatening situation for the patient. Many patients eventually have no choice but end up with getting an amputation. In order to avoid the situation, enhancing the accuracy of doctors’ diagnoses and reducing diagnostic errors then became the key.

Musculoskeletal tumor – Academic Exchange is a biannual event, jointly organized by Taiwan Osteosarcoma Caring Association and the Therapeutical & Research Center of Musculoskeletal Tumor in Taipei Veterans General Hospital (TVGH). It offers musculoskeletal tumor related courses for orthopedic residents in Taiwan. On 21st March, the event took place in Shipai, Taipei, discussing almost 20 topics on musculoskeletal tumor. As TVGH is one of the participating hospitals of One Country One Center project of New Southbound Policy, this year, we also invited specialists from Vietnamese and Philippine hospitals to attend the event through teleconference. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, TVGH will continuously work on strengthening medical cooperation with New Southbound countries.


University Medical Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

 Philippine Orthopedic Center, Manila, Philippines

Taiwan Osteosarcoma Caring Association, Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan Osteosarcoma Caring Association, Taipei, Taiwan