Feature Summary

To resolve the discomfort resulted from menopause or peri-menopause.



Endogenous hormone production of women declines with age, which leads to menopause finally. Menopausal symptoms, in many cases, can significantly affect the quality of life. It is appropriate to seek medical treatments and, after thorough evaluation, individually by person as well as by timing there are various options available.



Hormone therapy for menopause

The main component to resolve menopausal symptoms is estrogen; however, adding progestogen is essential for women with uterus or with history of endometriosis. For women with breast cancer who suffer from menopausal discomfort, there is non-hormone therapy.



There are different routes of hormone therapy: Estrogen—transdermal or oral; Progestogen-oral or intrauterine device, or vaginal (less recommended in menopausal hormone therapy). After evaluation and discussion, we can decide the dosage and route for you.



  • Without appropriate evaluation, hormone therapy might predispose high-risk population to develop stroke, thromboembolism, or cardiac vascular disease.
  • The risk ratio of breast cancer is more or less elevated under hormone therapy, according to different regimen and subjects; however, the risk is reversible after stopping hormone therapy.
  • For these reasons, consultation and evaluation are important.


Estimated Cost

The cost of medication ranges from 150 NTD/month to 1,500 NTD/month (not including relevant exams for evaluation), prices are subject to change without prior notice, need to pay in accordance with the actual medical expenses.