Dental implant

Feature Summary

Dental implants offer an alternative to replaced missing teeth with dentures or bridges.



Teeth missing are due to different reasons as deep caries, tooth fracture, severe periodontitis. Missing teeth replacement might be indicated and return to function and esthetics.



Dental implants enable a single missing tooth to be replaced without restoring adjacent teeth. In addition, implants allow fixed restorations to be fabricated in patients who are fully or partially edentulous. Dental implants placement are performed under local anesthesia.



Dental implants are usually placed after soft tissue flap elevation. These implants are inserted into the jaw bones to support dental prostheses after 4 to 6 months healing periods. For atrophic ridge with inadequate bone width or height, additional osseous grafting or soft tissue augmentation would be indicated.



Risks & complications

  • Implant supporting bone destruction or surrounding soft tissue inflammation owing to biofilm retention, overloading or inadequate implant position.
  • Vital organ injury (ex. inferior alveolar nerve injury, maxillary sinus membrane perforation…) during dental implant placement.
  • Prosthetic-related dental implant complications: mechanical, phonetic, esthetic, biologic problems.
  • Complications occur during or after implant related surgery as soft tissue augmentation, guided bone regeneration, etc.

Estimated Cost

The procedure cost is about 90,000~100,000 NTD, prices are subject to change without prior notice, need to pay in accordance with the actual medical expenses.

Missing tooth of upper right 1st premolar due to tooth fracture

Restore missing tooth with dental implant placement

Prosthesis restoring after implant placement