Forehead lift (brow lift)


A surgical procedure that corrects a sagging or deeply furrowed brow. The procedure is often performed to reduce the creases, or ‘frown lines’, that develop across the forehead and on the bridge of the nose. It can also raise the eyebrows to a more alert and youthful position.



The aim of a brow lift is to improve facial appearance and reduce the signs of ageing by:

  • Elevating the brow into a preferred position
  • Smoothing out forehead wrinkles
  • Lessening frown lines that develop between the eyes near the nose

Other surgical rejuvenation treatments often performed along with a brow lift are facelift surgery and eyelid surgery.



Brow lift surgery is a highly individualised procedure and may not be suitable for everyone. Always talk to your Specialist Plastic Surgeon before making a decision. Your surgeon will assess your condition and general health, and plan the treatment that is best suited to you.

Before you decide on a brow lift, there are some important issues to keep in mind:

  • If you are most concerned about the area around your eyes, eyelid surgery may be more appropriate than a brow lift or may be combined with a brow lift. Discuss your options with your surgeon
  • Brow lift surgery does not “stop the clock” of ageing. The normal ageing process will continue after the surgery. Any major changes in lifestyle, including your weight, after surgery could affect how you look
  • Smokers are at increased risk of complications from any surgery. If you are serious about undergoing cosmetic surgery, you should quit smoking

Brow lift surgery may not be a good option for you if you are:

  • Not able to have an anaesthetic
  • Prone to bleeding tendencies or have poor healing ability
  • Too high risk of having surgical complications

Brow lift surgery may be a good option for you if:

  • You have sagging of your eyebrows
  • You have deep creases in your forehead
  • You have crows feet or deep frown lines at the root of your nose
  • You are physically healthy and you do not have medical conditions that can impair healing or increase risk of surgery
  • You have realistic expectations of what brow lift surgery can accomplish
  • You are a non-smoker or have stopped smoking


Estimated Cost

Costs associated with the procedure may include:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Hospital or surgical facility costs
  • Anaesthesia fees
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Medical tests