Limb Salvage Surgery for Bone Sarcoma (Biological Reconstruction)

Musculoskeletal Team

  Under the guiding of Professor Tain-Hsiung Chen and Professor Wei-Ming Chen, more than 60% of musculoskeletal tumor patients in Taiwan were treated in the ‘Therapeutical and Research Center of Musculoskeletal Tumor’ of Taipei VGH in recent 10 years.

  Currently, we treated more than 500 cases of high-grade osteosarcoma, thousands of malignant bone tumors and soft tissue sarcoma. In the surgical respect, we develop numerous innovating surgical techniques such as hemicortical resection, hemicondylar resection, trident knee fusion and bone-prosthetic composite. The excellent results were presented in several famous international journals and seminar.

  We are pioneers in investigating the gene mutation sequence of mesenchymal stem cell which could transform to osteosarcoma tumor cell. It has reached a milestone of gene therapy in bone tumors.

  The center has led the medical field to enter a new era in biological reconstruction as following:

  1. Unique patients about cryotherapy for treating musculoskeletal tumors, benign bone tumor, and bony metastasis.
  2. Treatment of chordoma, which is a rare and always compromise the nerve function and cause pain, decrease limbs function and bowel/bladder function.
  3. Treatment of tenosynovial giant cell tumor (TGCT), where surgical resection is associated with potentially worsening functional limitation or severe morbidity.
  4. Recycled autografts for biological reconstruction of bone sarcoma.