Joint Replacement



        Our joint reconstruction team is composed of most experienced orthopedic surgeons who perform the largest number of hip, knee and related arthroplasty surgery in Taiwan. We are devoted to perform surgeries with minimally invasive techniques that can lead to better cosmetic, early rehabilitation, faster functional recovery and return to daily activity or work as soon as possible.


        We established our unique surgical techniques and related instruments to perform minimally invasive total knee and hip arthroplasty surgeries. In general, we can finish knee and hip arthroplasty surgery in less than 40-50 minutes. We have our guidelines to effectively minimize blood loss, control wound pain, prevent thromboembolism, and allow the patient to start walking and doing rehabilitation with the guidance of our professional rehabilitation team, which is composed of orthopedic doctors, rehabilitation doctors, physical therapists and special nurses.


        Revision surgeries for complications following prior knee and hip surgeries are our specialty. Infection, recurrent dislocation, loosened implant, wear or pain with unknown causes are common indications for a revision surgery. Our team is composed of the most experienced orthopedic doctors, infectious disease specialist and radiologists to identify and solve the problem. We have the largest and the best bone bank in Taiwan that can help deal with bone loss during a revision surgery. Various kinds of implants are available for different extent of remaining bone stock.


        We are also experienced to perform difficulty primary arthroplasty surgery, for example, a high-grade developmental dysplasia or hip, old septic hip or knee joint with extremely stiffness or even fused or any forms of lower extremity skeletal deformity. In those special circumstances, we have anesthesiologists and rehabilitation doctors to monitor nerve function and 3D-printing technique to accurately plan and correct deformity.


        For joint preservation surgery, we perform high tibial osteotomy for early knee osteoarthritis and core decompression with autografting for early stage osteonecrosis of the femoral head.