Bone sarcoma Treatment (Wide Resection Surgery)

Feature Summary

The most important part of the surgery for bone sarcoma is to remove the tumor entirely. The surgical methods include either "amputation" or "limb salvage".



The so-called “limb salvage” is to only remove the tumor part from the body of the patient, rather than remove the entire limb. Following by reconstructing the bone defect.




The definition of wide resection is "excise at least two centimeters safe margin along the tumor margin.” And the surgeon should not rupture the tumor during the surgery. Otherwise it will cause tumor recurrence and even distal metastasis. But if the tumor is located in some critical area or if the tumor response to chemotherapy well, surgeon could excise the tumor with less safe margin. We called that marginal resection.



There are possible risks and complications associated with the surgery, including:
1. infection requiring antibiotics or surgical debridement.
2. Nerve, vessel injury during tumor resection.


Estimated Cost

The procedure cost is about 40,000 to 80,000 NTD, prices are subject to change without prior notice, need to pay in accordance with the actual medical expenses.