Limb Salvage Surgery for Bone Sarcoma (Tumor prosthesis)

Feature Summary

Tumor prosthesis reconstruction by use tumor prosthesis exhibit advantages in quicker functional recovery, immediately post-operatively weight bearing and restore limb length.


After patients received wide resection of bone sarcoma. A huge bone defect will be occurred. Orthopedic tumor surgeon will reconstruct the bone defect by tumor prosthesis.

Surgeon measures the length bone defect before and also during the surgery. After the sarcoma was excised, a matched-sized tumor prosthesis was assembled. After checking the tension of the limb, the tumor prosthesis was cemented fixed into the bone defect.



There are possible risks and complications association with the surgery, including:
1. infection requiring antibiotics or surgical debridement.
2. Prosthesis loosening requiring revision surgery.

There may some other alternative approaches to the biological reconstruction, including:
1. Amputation.
2. Biological reconstruction


Estimated Cost

The procedure cost is about 300,000 ~ 1,525,000 NTD, prices are subject to change without prior notice, need to pay in accordance with the actual medical expenses.