Benign Bone Tumor Treatment (Curettage and Bone grafting)

Feature Summary

Benign bone tumors are very common bone disease. Most of the benign bone tumors cause no symptom. But some will cause symptom of pain or even pathologic fracture.

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Benign bone tumors such as giant cell tumor, chondroblastoma, aneurysmal bone cyst may easily cause pain and pathologic fracture. Aggressive surgical treatment including intralesional curettage, burring and cryotherapy is indicated. Firbrous dysplasia is also a common bone tumor. It will cause fracture and limb deformity while located in the hip area. Surgical tumor removal and bone grafting is also indicated.



The surgical technique was performed under tourniquet control. After exposure of the involved bone tissue, a cortical window the size of the longest longitudinal dimension of the tumor was made. After exposure the tumor, the gross tumor was then removed by hand curettes carefully. After that, followed by high-speed burring to remove the tumor invasive into the peripheral area. To further kill all the possible residual tumor nearby, cryotherapy could be applied. The freshly liquid nitrogen was carefully poured into the bone cavity. At least 5 minutes of exposure to liquid nitrogen was ensured for the entire bone cavity. After thawing for 15 minutes, bone defect reconstruction was conducted using bone grafts (artificial bone grafts or allografts) and internal fixation by osteosynthesis was dictated by the nature of the lesions.

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There are possible risks and complications associated with the surgery, including:
1. infection requiring antibiotics or surgical debridement.
2. Nerve, vessel injury during tumor resection.


Estimated Cost

The procedure cost is about 100,000 to 300,000 NTD, prices are subject to change without prior notice, need to pay in accordance with the actual medical expenses.