Stories & Gratitude 2017-06-03
Successful bone transplantation, Love sent to Indonesia from Taiwan


Mr. Fuad is a policeman working in Jakarta. He accidentally harmed his bone of left thigh and sent to the local hospital when he was tracing the scoundrels. After the local doctors assessed, they found that there was an osteosarcoma over his left distal femur. Unfortunately, because of the pathological fracture, they suggested him to do the amputation.

However, Mr. Fuad and his family can't accept that he would lose his job and future, so they were recommended to China and finished 5 courses of chemotherapy, then, had a bone surgery in Indonesia by a bone tumor specialist. A half year after the resection of the tumor, Mr. Fuad's thigh became swelling abnormally. Under the transferring arrangement by the doctor in Indonesia, Mr. Fuad came to Taiwan and find Dr. Chen in Taipei Veterans General Hospital.

When he arrived at the hospital, we arranged him a series physical, images, and biopsy examination and Dr. Chen gathered a team including all specialty, finally, benign giant cell tumor diagnosis was made. Since the serious tumor invasion of the bone tissue, Dr. Chen rebuilt his thigh bone by using a bone tissue which was donated by Taiwanese combined with the artificial knee joint. He gradually recovered and happily went back to Jakarta.

Two years later after the surgery, he has recovered much better. Currently, we still have contact with the local doctors to follow Mr. Fuad's condition. Also, we got the good news that he had a promotion to be the supervisor in this area.


The huge tumor cause severe limb deformity and he cannot walk as normal



A huge tumor with pathological fractures, resulting in complete destruction of the knee