Stories & Gratitude 2021-06-04
Comprehensive high-quality treatment for visiting American patient

Ms. Goldschmidt is 77 years old and came to visit her daughter in Taiwan from the United States. She had been suffering from asthma for many years and although she had been using medications to control the symptoms, her condition became worse since she arrived here. After hearing her friends’ experience of receiving treatments at Taipei Veterans General Hospital, she decided to contact us to schedule a medical consultation.


Dr. Hsiao of the Department of Chest Medicine arranged a pulmonary examination for the patient and adjusted her previous prescription. By following the doctor’s advice, her symptoms gradually improved within a few months. However, since the patient still had intermittent chest tightness and dizziness, the possibility of cardiac disease was being considered. Soon afterward, she was diagnosed with coronary artery disease by the cardiologist, Dr. Cheng, and she started to receive treatment for a period of time. Her heart condition and asthma eventually became stable. However, the cataract in her left eye was becoming rapidly progressive. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was unable to travel back to the US. As a result, she ended up staying in Taiwan longer and even considered having cataract surgery here.


During the time, our center offered her services such as arranging appointments, preparing documents for visa extension, and accompanying her during her visit to our hospital. As she was getting used to the medical system in Taiwan, she became to feel more comfortable with it. After consulting with the ophthalmologist, Dr. Liu, the patient then decided to receive cataract surgery in our hospital. To make sure the artificial lens would fit the patient’s needs, Dr. Liu also arranged more examinations for her. Eventually, the procedure went smoothly and the patient has returned back home in the US without experiencing any adverse complications.