Brief Introduction of Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Our Vision

  • To be the first choice of citizens seeking healthcare services and to rank as the first class international medical center.

Our Core values

  • To care for patients as if they were our own family, to seek excellence, to maintain ethical behavior, to uphold the law, and to keep our word.

Our Goals

  • Provide safe and quality patient-centered healthcare.
  • Strive to be the center of excellence for education and at the forefront of medical research.
  • Embrace flexible management, with the goal of making Taipei Veterans General Hospital an ongoing, long-lasting undertaking.

Brief Introduction of IMSC

Taipei Veterans General Hospital's Heavy Ion Therapy Center is expected to open in summer of 2023.

The International Medical Service Center was established in May 2008, and became the healthcare referral center of American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), International SOS and foreign embassies/missions in Taiwan.

If it is your first time traveling abroad for medical healthcare, don't worry. Our hospital receives numbers of international patients come from Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Canada, Finland, Syria, Qatar, Germany, UK, and Mainland China. The patients who have experienced our services are all satisfied with the medical quality, price, and efficiency.

We will accompany and guide you through every step of the process of your medical journey.