News 2020-11-05
Indonesian migrant worker successfully receives donated stem cells from her sister as CECC lifts travel restrictions

23-year-old Indonesian migrant worker Nina was diagnosed with aplastic anemia at TVGH in March. She then started receiving blood transfusion weekly while waiting for a chance to get a transplant. At that time, the best candidates, her two younger sisters, had difficulty traveling to Taiwan due to the Covid pandemic. In addition, the unexpected medical expenses for the transplant would as well be a challenge for her.

However, Taiwan International Workers Association immediately helped to raise money for her medical expenses. A legislator, Hung Sun-han, promptly helped her family to grant visas. Eventually, they were able to fly to Taiwan as the Central Epidemic Command Center lifted travel restrictions in June.

After 14-day quarantine, TVGH soon arranged blood tests for two younger sisters. The result indicated the 5 year-old sister, weighted 14 kg was the best candidate for the transplant. With a great deal of experience collecting Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) in childrend, the medical team successfully collected HSCs from the candidate. Nina was placed into protective isolation and received high-dose therapy for the transplant on June 28. The transplant was completed smoothly from July 8 to 10. Though an infection caused by the cytomegalovirus and EB virus occurred after the transplant, Nina was fully recovered after undergoing a period of medication therapy.

Dr. Hsiu-Ju Yen, Department of Pediatricts, Nina's 5 year-old sister and Nina