Immediate denture

Feature Summary

To maintain the patient’s appearance and chewing function. Speech, esthetic, mastication are rarely compromised, and nutrition can be maintained. With the experience of wearing immediate denture, the patient is likely to adapt more easily to the new denture.



Though prevalence of periodontal disease and dental caries decreased due to the effort on public health and the improving knowledge in material, technique, and etiology; there are still lots of people not able to eat food efficiently because of mobile, or even missing tooth. Their appearance is also compromised, and disturb their normal life.



An immediate denture is “a complete denture or removable partial denture fabricated for placement immediately after the removal of natural teeth”. The dentist use the current intraoral condition, old photos, and anatomy landmark, try to reconstruct missing dentition in a proper occlusal relationship and an esthetic way, in order to decrease the interference of tooth extraction.



At the first appointment, the dentist will take impression and photo to record the intraoral/extra oral condition, and in the following appointment, the dentist will transfer anatomy landmark to the stone cast and discussed with the patient about expectation of the appearance of the new denture. The denture will deliver in the same day as remaining teeth extracted. Post operation follow up will arranged, and change the lining material to accommodate the soft tissue change during healing procedure.



Risks & complications

  • Because a try-in procedure is not possible beforehand, the patient may not be completely comfortable with the resulting appearance and fit on the day the immediate denture is inserted.
  • There may be some sore spot beneath the denture, and need adjustment after delivery.


Estimated Cost

The procedure cost 20,000NTD at the first time, and cost 1’000-7’000NTD when change lining material. Prices are subject to change without prior notice, need to pay in accordance with the actual medical expenses.