Comprehensive dental treatment for pediatric


Under general anesthesia, all dental treatment as needed is performed well, such as pulpectomy, dental restoration or extraction. When pediatric patients’ behavior cannot cooperate or deal with the treatment safely at out-patient-department, this treatment option might be a more appropriate treatment option.



Restore tooth structure, remove odontogenic infectious source and avoid odontogenic infection.



Inhalation induction. Disinfection with betadine. Remove caries with high speed and low speed. Pulpectomy with endodontic files and irrigation. Cavity restoration. Tooth extraction with elevator and forceps. Stainless steel crown coverage or space maintainer placement.



Risks & complications

  • Bliiding
  • Loosening of nearby teeth.
  • Difficult for wound healing.
  • Angular cheilitis.


Estimated Cost

The procedure cost is about 80,000~120,000 NTD, depends on different condition. Prices are subject to change without prior notice, need to pay in accordance with the actual medical expenses.