Double balloon enteroscopy


Small bowel is in the middle of gastrointestinal tract. Due to its tortuosity and anatomic location, the diagnosis and management of small bowel diseases is challenging. Currently, video capsule endoscopy(VCE), computed tomography enterography (CTE), and double balloon enterscopy (DBE) are specific advanced methods used in managing small bowel disease. VCE and CTE are used for diagnosis while DBE is used in both diagnosis and management of small bowel disease.



Double balloon enteroscopy is indicated in mid-gastrointestinal bleeding (obscure gastrointestinal bleeding), confirmation and treatment of abnormal findings in other examinations such as VCE or CTE, polyps of the small bowel, foreign body ingestion, small bowel tumors, incomplete colonoscopy due to technical difficulty, unexplained malabsorption, diarrhea and refractory celiac disease.



Double balloon enteroscopy is a novel endoscopic technique in examining small bowel under anesthesia. The 2-meter-long enteroscope has a balloon attached at its tip with an overtube which is also fitted with a balloon. With its special design, it can be inserted from mouth or anus and passed through deep small intestine to visualize the small bowel lesion. Therapeutic maneuver including endoscopic biopsy, foreign body removal, endoscopic hemostasis, polypectomy and stricture dilation or stenting can be performed whereas suitable.



  • Bleeding (0.2%)
  • Intestinal perforation (0.1-0.4%)
  • Pancreatitis (0.2-0.5%)
  • Cardiac and respiratory arrest (0.05%)


Estimated Cost

The basic fee of double balloon enteroscopy examination is about $60,000 NTD.