IMSC Services


Overview of International Medical Services

  • Free medical consultation by email for the first time
  • Schedule an appointment, including consultations and follow-up care
  • Arrange for hospitalization and assist in the admission/discharge processes
  • Prepare documents for your visa extension
  • Accompany you during your visit to our hospital (Special Outpatient Service)
  • Medical cost estimates


The new charging standards for foreign patient without Taiwan National Health Insurance card/ID card started on May 1st 2020 in our hospital.

  • Outpatient Clinic/Emergency Room
    - Registration Fee: 500 NTD
    - Consultation Fee: 1,500 NTD
    - Special Outpatient Service Fee (if accompaniment during consultation is needed): 2,000 NTD
  • Inpatient Service
    - Inpatient consultation (physician fee) fee and nurse fee: 3 times of the standard payment according to NHI standards
    - General Service: 5,000NT per admission
    - NHI Reimbursement Item: 2.21 times of the standard payment according to NHI standards
    - Out-of-Pocket Item: 1.7 times of the out-of-pocket payment based on the standard approved by Taipei City Government Department of Health.

Call/Email IMSC for an appointment request

Please provide us the following information:
A brief description of your medical needs
Preferred date/time for appointment
If you have an assigned doctor
If you need to apply for the Special Outpatient Service (A facilitator will be accompanying you during your visit to our hospital)


Waiting for the reply from IMSC

IMSC will reply your request within 3-5 working days


Confirm your appointment with IMSC

Fill out the Registration and Consent Form and send it to IMSC with a copy of your passport/ARC


Consultation with doctor

Please arrive at the consultation room before 11:00 for morning clinic/16:00 for afternoon clinic/20:00 for night clinic. ***If you are a first-time visitor, please go to the International Medical Service Counter on the 1F of the 1st Outpatient Building when you arrive at our hospital.


Pay at the Cashiers Counter

You can pay in cash/by credit card at the Cashiers Counter of the following location:
1F of 3rd Outpatient Building
2F of Chung-Cheng Building

Outpatient-5-1 Outpatient-5-2



You may need to go back to the consultation room to see the result on the same day/next appointment


Get your medicine at the pharmacy

Please bring your passport/ARC and the prescription to the pharmacy.
2F of Chung-Cheng Building
1F of 3rd Outpatient Building




Receive the phone call from our hospital


Admission & Discharge Counter on the 1F of Chung-Cheng Building

You can pay a certain amount of the estimated cost in cash/by credit card. Please carefully keep the yellow receipt, you will get an official one with total cost when you discharge.



Undergo basic checkup(s)

EKG, chest X-ray and blood test are on the 2F of Chung-Cheng Building

Admission-3-1 Admission-3-2

Admission-3-3 Admission-3-4


Nursing station of the ward



Receive discharge notice


Admission & Discharge Counter on the 1F of Chung-Cheng Building

Please bring the bill, yellow receipt and the draft of diagnosis certificate to the counter.




Get your medicine by prescription at the pharmacy


Nursing station

Confirm your medicine with the nurse before leaving



Contact us

  • E-mail:
  • Tel: +886-2-2875-7810
  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday 08:00-12:00;13:30-17:30